Four-in-One Tire Pressure Gauge


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Tire pressure detection hole: aim at the tire inflation port, press firmly for two seconds, the tire pressure will be automatically displayed
Safety hammer: It is made of stainless steel by one-time inverted mold, which is extremely hard and has a high damage rate
Emergency lighting: the lighting needs to bring your own battery


Material: plastic, plastic, electronics
Product Material: Electronics
Battery type: No. 7 battery
Specifications: Digital display
Net weight: 160G
Type: Digital tire pressure gauge
Range: 1000
Spotlight: None
Display unit: PSI
Pressure display range: 0-150
Weight: 160G
Accuracy: high

Package Content:

1 x Tire Pressure Gauge 

Four-in-One Tire Pressure Gauge allinonehere.comFour-in-One Tire Pressure Gauge

Four-in-One Tire Pressure Gauge

Four-in-One Tire Pressure Gauge

Four-in-One Tire Pressure Gauge  

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 200 × 230 × 30 cm



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